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Hiring a payroll expert in spain through the well-known outsourcing allows you to manage these controls with greater precision, without running the risks that are assumed day by day with legislative and regulatory changes that lead to new information to be included at the time the above and begins its validity.

Allowing another company to take control of yours, seems to be an offer to think about, but reviewing the integral characteristics of outsourcing, all the accesses that provide solutions and give confidence to each worker are justified through the service of the payroll expert in spain with well-crafted payroll security.


Regulatory compliance with the laws contained in the LOPD and RGPD / GDPR that protects your data, will be well simplified through the system to outsource payroll in Spain. All this thanks to the implementation of a robust data recovery system that allows us to keep all the information well stored there to be used with precision at the time of calculations.

How big is your company? From the smallest to the largest, they can benefit from this service from the payroll expert in spain. Its national and international operation favors even when you have branches or chains of companies deployed in the world.

Your administrative burden will not be affected by the need to hire large numbers of workers, grow your company and leave this enormous work in the hands of specialists from payroll companies in Spain who, based on their extensive experience, will be able to provide this payroll service with effective solutions in controls and management of salaries regardless of the number of workers included in it.


Each company must have a true team of professionals who make up one of the main departments within the administrative structure, the HR. But today, understanding that global updates have represented the greatest number of solutions for individuals, companies, productive sectors, commercial exchanges and even the fact of having to work from home, we join this change.

The constant training, legislative updates, changes in tax costs and the various variations in commercial regulations, only bring as a consequence a greater percentage of difficulties when preparing the company’s payroll and despite the fact that the origins of the Administrative branches helped for decades in a manual exercise, today there is no doubt that the systematization and implementation of expert hands is the solution.


The cost issue has always generated primary attention in the administrative development of every company, but we add to this the fact that production expenses can be optimized with the best responses and effective results, it is not only about saving, but also with at the least investment it is possible to give an end point to a result where the margins of errors are minimized.

Time as a key element, compliance dates and keeping the payroll up to date so that each worker receives what corresponds to him at the right time is the objective pursued with the fact of outsourcing the service with a payroll expert in spain.

Previously, software updates and license acquisitions were part of the process that slowed down all management, the time that companies took to acquire a system, train the Human Resources department and make all the adjustments at the level of technological equipment and personnel. in charge of operations represented an important lapse in the period that payroll management requires to run out of time again.

Today we have within the reach of any company, the great advantages offered by outsourcing the service with a payroll expert in spain and forgetting forever even the obligation of having a department in charge of these procedures.

Savings obtained by outsourcing payroll

By canceling the deductions of workers, such as Social Security, not only suggests a delay in the administration of the company but also entails important penalties that must be assumed by paying a 20% surcharge on the original amount. This does not happen having the calculations prepared up to date and the payments in due course.

Personal Income Tax, for its part, is another of the corresponding deductions for each worker that has generated more controversy every month, given the different working conditions, unfulfilled agreements by the worker or simply the non-cancellation, it grants the Treasury the power to grant them to your company any liability that is owed in that employment relationship. Otherwise it generates great savings for companies.

The employment regulation files require the greatest experience in each contract, since any management or decision taken in an inappropriate manner will undoubtedly bring penalties that can only be solved with the cancellation of all positions. The EREs deserve to be manipulated and managed only by experts.

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