Legal labour advice in Spain

Legal labour advice in Spain

Tax advisor in spain is key for the fulfillment of legal obligations in labor matters, which are incumbent on businessmen and professionals, being the figure of the advisor the link between the different public bodies with competences in this matter and the companies or freelancers.

The choice of a good tax advisor in spain should be far from choosing a consultancy or agency for the processing of labor procedures in front of the Administration and the sending of payroll to companies to make their payment, since a good Advisor must be precisely that, a professional who advises companies on the best hiring formulas, who is up to date with subsidies, bonuses, types of contracts, etc.

Legal labour advice in Spain

It is important to bear in mind that the employer, on many occasions, is unaware of his obligations to the Administration and the procedures to be carried out, but he is also unaware of the penalties for labor violations and the surcharges for delays or non-payment of Social Security contributions. , which can be important, so that good tax advisor in spain can save your clients a lot of money and annoyance.

The training of a labor advisor is, therefore, a differential factor and a guarantee to establish a lasting relationship between the employer and his advisor or manager, but it is not an easy profession, since it requires, in addition to extensive knowledge in labor law, the mastery of numerous administrative procedures and formalities and the use of management tools completed.

In these matters, you have to be absolutely scrupulous with all the regulations and obligations to which all companies in Spain are governed. The Spanish public administration is very rigorous with all the rules that apply to companies and the best and absolutely necessary thing is to have tax advisor in spain, which will become your local ally.

What are the main functions of tax advisor in spain?

Advice on labor matters.

Preparation of payroll or salary receipts.

Procedures with Social Security: preparation of contribution documents, including bonuses and reductions in the payment of the quota when applicable, management of temporary disabilities and other types of Social Security benefits, etc.

Preparation of workers’ contracts.

Dismissal and retirements of workers.

Representation of the company before different Administrations.

Defense of the company in litigation with workers.

Optimization of costs in labor matters.

What subjects should a job advisor or manager master?

To comply with the legal obligations of its clients in labor matters, the tax advisor in spain must have a solid training, both theoretical and practical, being some of the subjects that it must master the following:

Forms of contracting and collective agreements

The receipt of wages or payroll: generalities, accruals, deductions, contribution bases, bases subject to personal income tax withholding, etc.

Procedures with Social Security: what documents are used for the Social Security contribution, as well as the deadlines and forms of presentation and also everything related to the registration and cancellation of workers, etc.

Labor law

Prevention of occupational hazards

For all those companies that have local businesses, it is vital to have tax advisor in spain, which provides a comprehensive service to its clients, also covering the tax and accounting areas, and that they have access to the necessary legislation through NormaCEF Fiscal- Accounting-Labor.

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